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AR Business Cards Print Solutions in Dubai

About AR Business Card

Self-presentation has never been more impressive. You think you can’t showcase a video on a business card? Now you can!

Order your AR app for 7,560 AED and get a bonus - 100 printed cards to connect with the app.

Advantages of AR Business Card:

    ✔  Impressive and innovative solution

    ✔  Unlimited number of users

    ✔  Interactive solution

    ✔  1 year of free app maintenance

Create Unforgettable Experiences with Augmented Reality

    Custom build an App to take your customers into your world through Augmented Reality (AR). Turn every new contact into an unforgettable experience. We guarantee that both your customers and partners will not only remember you well but will also tell all their connections about you. So let's see what it's all about.

    How will your App work?

      ✔  People download and install the App on their Android/iOS devices for free.

      ✔  You give them a business card, or they download and print your AR business card from the application.

      ✔  Now they run the App on their respective device.

      ✔  Next, they point the device camera to the AR marker on the business card.

      ✔  When the AR marker is tracked, they can experience some amazing AR content.

      The most common option is a video that plays right on the AR marker. But augmented reality does not limit you. So feel free to use your imagination and send us videos of huge fireworks starting from the AR card.

      See our example of the AR app by following these links:

      For Android

      For iOS Devices:

      What do we need from you?

        To create the AR business card app, we will need some media files. Here are the steps that you should take to place an order.

          ✔  Upload the video content you want to show to your target audience. We can produce the content for you too, but it's not included in the price of the App.

          ✔  Upload your business card artwork.

          ✔  Customize the printed business card on the order form.

          ✔  Make the payment online and receive your App & 100 free business cards within 7 working days.

          When you need more printed cards, check our business card printing services and make your order.

          We understand that sometimes you need more information to make your decision. We will answer all your questions regarding AR business cards creation.

          Please contact us at, and our representative will contact you shortly.

Order Form

Order form
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Order, Delivery and Payment
Order needs to be placed before 5.00pm GST to start processing the order on the same day.
Deliveries may take between 2-7 working days depending on geographical location and quantity of products.
Free pick up option is available at two locations in Dubai: Warehouse E69 in DPC and Lounge in d3.
Cash On Delivery (C.O.D.) only in UAE. Limit is AED 2,500.
Tips for preparation of your files

Upload your ready to print designs, sit back and relax until we put your designs into our cutting files and send it back for your approval.

Once approved we start the production , all file verifications are done free of charge.

Minimum Quantity mentioned in each product page will be per design.

The optimal minimum resolution required for the print file is 100 dpi for large format and 300 dpi for small format.

Please send us design files with size ratio 1:1.

Maximum file size that can be uploaded is 300MB.

For all the orders less than 1sqm, the price of the product will be rounded up to 1sqm.


Leave an Unforgettable Impression with an AR Business Card

    For several years now, augmented reality and virtual reality are major digital trends. Once every couple of months, people find new solutions to various problems due to this technology. The augmented reality now has a vast use in the fields of marketing and entertainment. This technology makes everything visually attractive, so it's excellent for marketing where people don't save resources to attract new customers. Now let's see how we suggest using our AR solutions.

    Are you planning to print a new business card? Are you seeking the most creative and innovative options? If you do, then consider our latest offer to impress your partners and customers. Create a new experience for them to make the impression last.

    Ordering an AR app on is extremely easy. All you need is to upload a video for the app and an artwork to print on the cards. Then you customize the business card (size, material, etc.) and proceed to the checkout the same way as for cards printing.

    See How it Works

    Check out an example of the AR Business Card App produced for NDigitec!

    Click one of the links below to download and try NDigitec's App.

    For Android devices

    For iOS devices:

    Annual Maintenance Charges:

    For the 1st year, maintenance will be free of charge, with one content change/edit per month in the published App.

    Then, the 2nd year onwards, the charge would be 750 AED per year. The price includes one content change/edit per month in the published App.

    We know this is a significant purchase for you, so our specialists are ready to give you all the information you need in order to make your decision. Leave your contact information at and we'll get in touch. After you decide to make the order, your mobile app and 100 free business cards will be ready in 7 business days.



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