Thinking about decorating your house to give it a fresh and modern look in 2018? Well, good for you! That’s an exciting project to run.

Yet, there are lots of design choices you will have to make at the very start of your home décor project. Choosing that perfect wallpaper mural for your home can, especially, be the hardest part.

There are just so many options of wallpaper designs out there, that you will find your head spinning while trying to land on one. Good news for you though!

We are here to help you with 5 stunning wallpaper mural ideas that are way ahead of the other endless wallpaper design possibilities. You will fall in love with each one of these designs, we guarantee you!

Wallpaper design: Brick Textures

Brick Textures

If you want to have a delicate layer of intrigue in your home décor, you better land your choice on brick textured wallpaper mural.

No matter what color you choose to go with your brick textured wallpaper mural, the industrial chic will be guaranteed!

The possibilities of creating your own fabulous brick wall are limitless. You just got to create the look that best represents your inner style and brings harmony to your home.

To complete the look, add metallics and leather! They will bring a more luxurious feel.

Wallpaper design: Calico


Ever since 2013, when Calico Wallpaper was founded by Nick and Rachel Cope in New York City, home décor has never been the same.

“Calico Wallpaper represents the harmonization of a traditional decorative medium fused with technical innovation.” This influential new wallpaper design trend is here to move art into people’s everyday lives, making their homes one-of-a-kind environments.

Calico wallpapers are made by paper marbling techniques, fully embracing the possibilities offered by gradients, metallic and woven natural fibers.

A wall art like this is definitely worth the try! Have a look at one or two, and you will want it in your home décor immediately!

Wallpaper design: Tropical 3D

Tropical 3D

That’s right! Tropical 3D wallpaper mural.

Already imagining that tropical feel in your home décor, huh?

With lots of intricate leaf, flower and animal illustrations enclosed in limitless nature colors, tropical 3D wallpaper mural will definitely turn your home into a dreamy oasis.

To complete the look, add an indoor plant or two!

Wallpaper design: Ombre


One of the biggest fashion crazes of 2018… Ombre wallpaper mural!

Soft, graduated colors in Ombre melt and fade into one another, creating a very soothing atmosphere that no other wallpaper mural can.

Ombre wallpaper design portrays a very fresh and contemporary look you will enjoy having in your own home décor. If you really are into modern, cool and stunning wallpaper mural designs, then Ombre most definitely is the perfect match for you.

To complete the look, add minimalistic home décor items, not to distract the calming mood.

Wallpaper design: Crystals


Crystal wall mural takes wallpaper design to a whole new level with its stunning crystal look. Simply beautiful!

This wallpaper design brings positive energy into your home, creating a hard-to-resist peaceful atmosphere. It looks super elegant and chic no matter in which room you use.

With the amazing tones and a myriad of layers, crystal wall mural creates an almost hypnotic effect. And, you won’t be able to resist that enchanting beauty. Why would you anyways?