Imagine — you just had a long trip, checked in a hotel, picked up the keys, entered a room only thinking about finally getting a much-deserved rest… And all you are met with is frustration. Yes, the room is clean and you have a bed to sleep on. But it doesn’t have some of the most basic hotel accessories the comfort of which you came for. The feeling is far from being pleasant and can not only ruin your sleep but the entire trip.

    Nowadays, we’re no longer limited to hotels and motels when traveling only.  If someone stays in a hotel, it means they want some comforts they can’t get anywhere else. They’re looking for a good vocation and problems with the room should be the last thing on the guest’s mind. From afar, it might seem like a difficult task. However, making a hotel room cozy and pleasant to be in isn’t as difficult as it might seem. Most of the times, all it takes to create a space people want to be in is a couple of simple items.

      In the industry with fierce competition, you probably don’t your guests to think of you badly. If you're wondering what people are looking for the most, when checking into the room, you’ll probably find essential hotel accessories useful.

        Convenient power outlets


            It might seem obvious, but convenient power outlets people look for the most when they're embarking on a new trip. It’s also a bigger problem than it might seem from the first sight. Why might you wonder? Many of the hotels were created before the technological boom and have been slow to adapt to the changes. They rarely have the number of conveniently located power charging outlets people want them to.

              Most of the travels that stay in the hotel are busy business people. They choose hotels because they are looking for space to not only relax in but also work. If you want to make it easy for them to do their job, you need to have them all over the place. And considering the number of technologies people have with them when traveling, you might need more than just one. It’s one of the must-have hotel accessories you not only need to have in the room but also place strategically.

                Kettle or a coffee machine


                    You might wonder why on Earth would someone, checking in to a hotel that has cafes and breakfast services, want to have a kettle or a coffee machine in the room. The answer is simple — because that’s what your guests are looking for when they are checking in your hotel.

                      When spending time in the room, be it early morning or an evening, people might not always want to leave their comfortable corner for a cup of coffee or tea. With a kettle, a small coffee machine, or a Nespresso machine, they can make their drinks wherever they want. It might be exactly that ‘extra’ step that will make your hotel feel special, and your guest feels cared for.

                        Bag tags will win you extra points


                            A bag tag, be it a bonus point added to the room service, might also go a long way. It’s one of those things that people often forget about when packing their baggage or always want to buy but never do. It presents a perfect opportunity for you to show your customers you care for them and that you want to make their experience as pleasant as possible.

                              The other great thing about bag tags is that your customers will get to take them with you. Not only it will continuously remind them about you, but a personalized bag tag can also catch an eye of another travel. A small and simple bag tag can earn you an excellent reputation and attract new customers. Sounds like a good idea, doesn’t it?

                                Toothbrush and toothpaste alongside other toiletries


                                    Many toiletries — like shampoos and soap — are a standard in the sphere of hospitality. Dental care products — not as much. Frequent travelers will agree that toothbrushes and toothpaste are among the product you forget to put into your luggage in the last moment the most.

                                      That’s what makes it so much more special when you check in a hotel that has one. Finding a small toothbrush and toothpaste on your desk when you just check in the hotel is one of the best feelings. With toiletries and all similar hotel accessories, you can make your guests feel truly cared for. It’s a small gesture they will remember you for a very long time.

                                        Informative and simple service menus


                                            It seems like the new trend is to make menus and services a guest can get into their room as difficult to understand as possible. You shouldn't, however, attempt to surprise your guests with their creativity and innovativeness. All they need is a simple piece of paper that will let them know what services you offer, and they can get them. Here, the simpler it is, the better.

                                              Simple folded leaflets your guests can take away with them are a perfect choice frequently update, with little effort is one solution. You can also print a simple ‘book-like’ menu if you want something a little more lasting. Remember however that the key with this hotel accessories to keep it as easy to understand for the person of any culture, nationality, and tiredness as it’s possible. Don’t overestimate their reading to solve a problematic puzzle.

                                                Convenient hotel door hangers


                                                    ‘Do not disturb’ and ‘Please, clean my room’ signs are essential hotel accessories.  They help guests communicate with the stuff of the hotel with simple messages. But not all hotel door hangers were created equal. To make the experience enjoyable for your guests, you need to follow simple rules when creating one.

                                                      First, the best door hanger designs are the simple ones. The writing needs to be large enough for anyone to see it and simple enough for the person who might not know the language to grasp the message quickly. You can include simple images that help explain the message for someone who might struggle even with English. The second important rule to have in mind, when designing your hotel for hangers is to keep two signs separate. Two-sided signs are confusing and can lead to situations you’d love to avoid.

                                                        The more clothes hangers you have, the better


                                                            You might think why would someone need so many cloth hangers, but trust us when we say they do. Usually, travelers don’t have time to iron their clothes in the hotel and prefer to do before they arrive in their room. That means they need to have hangers around so that their clothes don’t get all wrinkled.

                                                              Don’t make your guest ask around for extra clothes hangers when you can just have an additional pair around. You can never know for sure what guests you will get and you better not try your chances. It’s a small gesture they will appreciate deeply.

                                                                Hotel accessories are more important than you think

                                                                  You might say that by saving up on those elements, you're ‘clever with your money. But, if you don’t invest in the comfort of your customers with items and services, they will not be willing to come back to you next time. It’s only a short-term game that isn’t just worth it. No matter what you include in your hotel product kit — but it custom hotel door hangers, personalized bag tag or a small coffee machine — all of those products can add value to your brand and will continuously benefit your hotel’s reputation.

                                                                    This hotel accessories list should have helped you understand what people are looking when checking into a hotel. You can say whatever you want, but actions always speak louder than words. If you have those small items around, they feel welcomed and cared for, and those are the things people used hotels.