is announcing a special back to school campaign!  We want to help you and your loved ones start a new study year on the right foot and with right merchandise. First, create a personalized mug, T-shirt, and photo book, or select one of the ready-made options. Then place an order, and enter our special voucher code BACKTOSCHOOL to get a 10% off. But hurry up, the offer is only available until September 15!

We all have been students at one point or another, and we know how it feels to start a new school year. Some feel excited about the new semester, and some less so, but none of us remains indifferent. No matter what you think about the upcoming academic year, wants to help you feel at ease! In the end, it is as much about learning, as it is about making new friends, personal growth, and fun. wants to remind about those good things with cool merchandise that will boost your mood every time you use it.

So let’s see what we offer.


First of all, no school year is complete without a motivational mug. At you can choose one of the 27 designs already available, or create your own. Use the opportunity to print something that would remind you to relax and keep going, even when it feels like you can never finish an assignment on time. A cool mug can also turn any morning into a perfect one. There is nothing quite as soothing and motivating as a day that has started with a favorite drink in your hands.

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We also know that the new academic year is way more interesting if you have a new T-shirt. Choose one of the available designs, or create your own with an inspiring quote, or a beloved character. It is not only a cool accessory, but it is also a perfect way to break the ice! If you are new at school, let everyone know about interests and passions.

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A photo book is also an excellent way to remind yourself of the many memories you made with friends and family (and inspire you to make new ones!). If it’s your child’s very first day at school, you might want to save those memories for the rest of your life! Here, you can upload the photos from your smartphone and get a custom-made photo book in just a couple days.

Click here to order your Photo Book thoughtfully selected all the items for the campaign with attention to the needs and interests of our customers. They will make perfect gifts if you want to treat yourself or surprise your loved ones and friends. No matter what your intentions are at we are - we have you covered. Our team is going to be happy to do we are good at - deliver exceptional experience using only quality materials. We want to add something positive to the study year and make you feel excited about starting a new chapter of your life.

Congratulations on going back to school! Grab your voucher code, and stay productive!