Teaching kids valuable skills is not the easiest job. Most of the time, all they want to do is play games. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t a way to trick your kids into enjoying learning. It the problem the best educational toys are designed to solve. Most of them are so you good at doing their job, your toddler will end up learning how count, read, and socialize without ever realizing it was your plan all along.

    The best educational toys for toddlers and kids are the ones that engage them both physically and cognitively. They need to promote problem-solving and teach social skills. All the toys for child development can be roughly broken down into five categories. Amongst them are books, puzzle games, assembly toys, occupational toys, and skill-nurturing games. Happily, nowadays there are thousands of toys available in each category. With the help of lists below and a little bit of browsing, you will definitely find ones that fit your budget, interests, and your kids’ age best.

      Let’s dive deeper into each category and attempt to understand what kind of toys are available in each and how they can help your kids’ development.

      Books can make your job as a parent easier


          No one can argue the usefulness of books. They can teach your kids about the world, improve their manners, and promote creativity. As good as it sounds, it is not easy to convince your kids they are not unbearably boring pieces of bricks. But considering how big of a role those toys play in children’s development, giving up is probably not an option.

          Happily, there is a huge variety of books that are not simply pieces of paper. There are 3D books, textile stories, musical book-toys. In other words, books for kids are so much more than simply books — they are among the best educational toys. It can create lasting memories your kids will carry with them into adulthood.

            If you are looking for an inspiration of the books that you kids might enjoy you can check out the list with books that kids should read before they are 12. It has books for children as young as 2 and 4 years old, and you will definitely find the one to become your kid’s favorite. If your kids are too small to read, they can still flip through beautiful-looking books and feel their texture.  

            Engaging puzzle games satisfy intellectual curiosity of kids


                Puzzles are the best educational toys for toddlers and kids. They not only engage them intellectually but also help develop fine motor skills. Puzzle toys and games are stimulating and exciting. Nothing can be compared to the joys of solving a problem on your own and kids know about it as well as we do.

                  The category is rich on the types of games. Math games, lottos, other card games, simple jigsaw puzzles, and fancier 3D puzzles all fit into the criteria. To make the games more attractive to your kids you can choose ones that have the image of their favorite cartoon characters. If your kids are anything like us, they will love those puzzles and come back to them many times in the future.

                  Legos and assembly games engage your kids both intellectually and physically


                      Do you remember what toys you wanted the most when you were young? For us, it was lego. Non only they are fun and interesting to assemble  — they are also fun to play with afterward. In other words, legos and assembly toys are the best educational toys if you want your kids to learn how to create things on their own.   

                        There is a huge variety of toys available in the category. Just as puzzles, assembly games help develop kids’ cognitive and fine motor skills. But what truly makes them even better is that they also improve both problem-solving skills and creativity. With cool legos and puzzles kids can learn how to follow the rules to create something, and then break them to create something that is truly and uniquely theirs.  

                          Amongst the games in this category are familiar to many of us from childhood like shape and color sorters, building blocks, wooden blocks. DToy that you and your kid can assemble together or blockhouse that your toddler can use to exercise their creativity also fit into the category. After they assemble the toy or lego, you can keep them around as decorations. In other words, there isn’t anything bad about legos and assembly games — hands down, the best educational toys for toddlers and kids.

                          Professional games improve social skills

                            Kids love pretend-plays and make-believe games. They help them develop their social skills and take on roles and responsibilities of adults. Not without reason some of the best educational toys give kids a chance to become someone. The kids will take those games with them in the future. Who knows, maybe they are the next person to discover something big and great, and all it takes for them to fall in love with engineering or biology is a cool lab kit.

                              Some games allow your kids to experiment with scientific phenomenons. The best educational toys, after all, are the ones that help your kids to better navigate the world. It can be a medical game or the one where your kids are asked to engineer or code a simple robot. As an option, you can also gift them a small telescope and let them gaze at the stars. Only imagine receiving a gift like that yourself — it would have definitely made you all excited! We know, it certainly would have made us.

                              Skill-nurturing games help kids develop their identity

                                The imaginativeness will hardly surprise anyone. Their creativity is something you, as a good parent, should nurture. The best educational toys that help your kids develop their creative skills do exactly that. Small musical instruments or creative crayons will not only help unleash the natural inclination of your kids and give them a space to develop them. Creativity is a skill and quality you would definitely like to encourage in your kid.

                                  Just as with other types of educational games, there is a huge variety of creativity-nurturing games and toys available. It can be something as simple as an album and a pack of markers, or small drums. You just need to choose one that fits your kids’ interests best. Not only your kid will learn unusual skills, but also spend time acquiring important skills that they can develop in the future. All you need is to be a little more attentive to their preferences and interests. Not without reason, there is at least one game like that in ever best toys for child development list.

                                  The best educational toys need to encourage


                                      There are many things kids need to learn and, as a parent, it is your responsibility to make sure they do. We get it — might get overwhelming for you as well. The easiest way to provide them the education and set the ground for the future is to use the toys and game that were created for that purpose.

                                        Using games to make learning more enjoyable and fun.is not a new concept. It is what people have used them for since the beginning of times. Without a doubt, they have proven to be very effective at their job. The best educational toys are designed in the way to encourage your kids to learn and move forward without making it torture. If you choose the right one, you can help your kids adapt to the world without much effort.