In this day and age, digital labels offer more benefits to you than ever before. Short-run digital labels provide faster printing speeds followed by delivery. By adopting digital labels over conventional offset or flexo labels, one eliminates costs related to prepress plates, set-up, operations in terms of staff, ink and paper wastage; in turn making it an effective solution in your business model.

Digital labels make business sense due to shorter turnaround times with a choice of minimum outputs, enabling an efficient packaging management program for a wide range of industries. Digital labels can be printed on selected materials such as PP paper, metallic and transparent media. Companies incorporating variable data and barcode in their range of packaging solutions can take benefit of digital labels especially in the sample testing process or for market validation of the end product. With digital sticker printing, it helps reduce your label packaging costs by purchasing exactly what you need and when you need it.

Digital label printing combines design elasticity with significant production cost savings. The use of new age software not only eliminates the time and costs associated with the production of printing plates, but also allows edits to be made to the label design at no additional cost. This is ideal for prototypes, as it enables customers to adjust their labeling as needed as their products evolve. In fact, digital labels are more environmentally friendly in every step of the production cycle as it helps reduce waste and it’s compatible with most of the application substrates.

Following are few of the industries that can benefit from short run digital labels:

  • Specialty food

  • Private labels

  • Beverages

  • Pharmaceutical

  • Seasonal Packaging

  • Cosmetics/Personal care

  • Home Decor

  • Event management

  • Logistics and Distribution

  • Repackaging and many more

With digital sticker / label printing, customers have the highest level of control over the labels they produce, saving both their budget and resources. Additionally, by increasing the economic viability of short and medium print runs, helps clients to supplement their cost savings with a more sustainable printing process.Think Different – Think Digital Labels!