Every space — be it your room, office, or a classroom — needs to be arranged in a way that serves a purpose. Of course, you can use leopard decoration all over the office space if you want to — a splash of leopard print has never hurt anyone — but if you overdo it you risk to negatively affect the productivity of your employees. That is why when you are tasked with arranging a classroom and want to promote a particular behavior your print room decorations for classrooms should be appropriate.

Classroom space needs to help pupils to study, stay, and relax within its walls. It should be comfortable, welcoming, productive, and inspiring all at the same time. You can see that some of those tasks are almost conflicting and that in its turn means that the task is not as easy as it might seem.

A classroom should look presentable, but it also needs to show warmth and encourage students to study well. It should be both practical and fun; it needs to be creative, but not distracting. You can see that some of those points are almost conflicting.

So, decorating a room that promotes a certain behavior and discourages others might feel stressful and overwhelming. But if you choose to print room decorations for your classroom, it can also be fun! Here are only a few ideas to inspire you.


Let’s start with the simplest decoration. Custom made posters are the easiest way to decorate your classroom — not only they easy to print but also you do not rearrange your entire room if you want to have one around. If you have a wall that has just a bit of extra space on it than you have a perfect place to hang your poster on. The poster can be both decoration and education; you can also use them to inspire your students and set a proper tone that will inspire everyone.


Finding the right wallpaper is not easy. Especially the one that you want to decorate a classroom with. Some are too bright, some are too boring, and the ones you want are always out of stock. That is why if you want to find the perfect one, you should create your own. It will save you time and patience that you can spend on something else.


Magnet calendars

One of the most creative things you can do to spice up your room is print out a magnet calendar. It is a print room decoration for your classroom you need if you are looking for ways to organize your monthly activities and keep track of your daily tasks. Add sections that feel important, leave as much space as you want for daily notes, etc. It is all a matter of imagination. It would not take long for the calendar to become something you would never imagine living without!


Another classroom necessity is creative carpets. You can print a motivational message that will greet your students every day, or the contact information of your school if you want to make it easy for your students to remember it. This print room decoration will make a great addition to your classroom.  

Backdrops and scene setters

Backdrops or large wall adhesives help to set the scene. If you choose to design it with beautiful scenery or favorite cartoon characters, chances are it is going to be the print room decoration pupils like the most.  You can also use the backdrops to make a large educational poster. That way it is not only going to look great but also be useful.


If you want to print something fun — like zebra print room decorations, or cartoon character you can attach to the wall — you do not need to cut them out of paper or spend countless hours looking for the right one anymore. All you need to do is order stickers with the desired print that you decorate the classroom with and change it any time you feel like you no longer need it.  


DToys are cool eco-friendly decorations that the kids can also play with. If you want to have beautiful cars, birds, and animals around that do not hurt the environment and add to the overall design of the room, then DToy is a print room decoration you are looking for.


Character stands

If you print a character stand once and put it in your classroom, you will feel like you always need to have one around. We promise kids will love it. But character stands are not only decorative; you can use them to separate different parts of the room. If you want them also to be motivational consider printing characters that would act as role models and encourage kids to be braver, more honest, and hardworking like Spider-man or Wonder Woman.

T-Shirts, Mugs, Customized Mouse Pads

Even though it is not quite a decoration, the customized stationary can still add to your space. Not only the kids will love wearing T-shirts, using Mugs and Mouse Pads, but it will also create a sense of community and inclusiveness and isn’t that what you ultimately want to achieve with your decorations.

Print room decoration for your classrooms at Dubaiprint.com

Print room decorations help you turn any space into whatever you want. If you are serious about creating a space where people can productively work, learn, and study, then you will need to be just as serious about the way it looks. That is why if you are tasked to design your classroom, chances are custom made printing is the best solution. Browse through the wide variety of different items available at Dubaiprint.com and find the one that will help you achieve your goals. We — as your loyal printing partner —will be happy to be of help!