Not satisfied with your product pages conversion rates? Your products are great! It is just your product pages that are at fault.

The time has come to optimize your product pages with the help of these top 5 tips we have put together just for you! Follow them closely and your increased sales will come on the double.

have a great product photography

Have Great Product Photography

Let’s face it! People Do judge a book by its cover! Especially in Ecommerce!

So, when presenting yourself online, where customers can’t see, touch, smell or taste your products, make sure to have great product photography. Why? Because… Images are critical in making buying decisions for 93% of consumers.

Remember? The World Wide Web is a gigantic place. You can be featured almost anywhere — SERPs, social media sites, blogs, recommendations sites… So, you better not mess with your chances of making great first visual impressions online, ultimately leading to lots of sales.

Want some real product photography tips? OK!

  • Produce and showcase original photography.
  • Make sure your photographs highlight the essential parts of your products.
  • Use the correct white balance.
  • And, don’t be boring. Really!

Write Inspirational Content

Write Inspirational Content

Content is King. That’s what she said!

Of course it is! But not just every content, especially when the subject matter is product pages!

In fact, the content of your product pages should be inspiring to entice purchases. Here, the key is persuasion with the right words!

You want your customers to buy your products inspired by your words, your essence and what your product stands for. They need to connect with you. And, the only way to do this is by sharing all the details that build up into a beautiful brand story that sells.

Simply, aim for their hearts, not just their wallets!

Tell the Product Benefits

Tell the Product Benefits

What’s in it for me?

This is the question that will arise in every single customer’s mind visiting your product pages.

They will be looking for answers in how your product will benefit them, solve a specific problem they have, make them happier or simply help them do or achieve something. That’s the psychology of consumers!

So, you’ve got to optimize your product pages for more sales by providing all those answers your customers are there for!

Design Clear and Enticing CTAs

Design Clear and Enticing CTAs

Well, your main goal on a product page is to entice your visitors to click on that call-to-action button, isn’t it? Logically!

Now, no matter if that button is labeled “Buy”, “Add to Cart”, “Create”, “Order” or anything else, you will want your CTAs to be the first thing your site visitors notice when landing on your product pages.

Thus, put the maximum effort to make your CTAs stand out, with a clear and super enticing design. Get creative! Try putting it in a beautifully focused position. And, keep in mind that no distracting content around it is allowed!

Open Mile has a story to tell you on how reducing clutter around their CTA increased conversion rate by 232%.

Provide With Great User Experience

Provide With Great User Experience

If you don’t provide your users with great user experience, they will leave. Aha. Sadly!

They won’t even take the extra time to read the awesomely inspiring content you have written, to look at the super great product photographs you have created just for them, let alone click on the ever enticing CTAs waiting for them. Nope! They won’t!

Thus, invest enough efforts and resources in deciding how things will be arranged in your product pages and what should be included or excluded. Pay extra attention to your pages’ responsiveness to all devices. And, don’t forget about your product pages load time! In the end, customers expect a web page to load in 2 seconds or less.

Now, go ahead and start optimizing your product pages by taking into account these top 5 product page optimization tips that truly work for acquiring more sales.

Really! Go ahead and start now. You wouldn’t want to miss the chance to ace those extra sales even today, would you?