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The program is designed to reward our best customers, people who value the quality of our printing service, fulfilling their creative ambitions and business objectives. We are giving you a discount based on your monthly spendings. It's simple! Spend at least 1 AED over the course of a month and we'll reward you with a voucher to use within the following month.
If You Spend
1 - 499 AED
If You Spend
500 - 1499 AED
If You Spend
1500 - 4999 AED
If You Spend
5000+ AED

Benefits Of Loyalty Program

We support you with an exclusive range of services and promotions designed to help your business grow.
Customer Loyalty Program from Printing Services
A discount voucher every month
Customer Loyalty Program from Printing Services
Available from 1 AED spent on our website
Customer Loyalty Program from Printing Services
Spend more, get a higher percentage of discount
Customer Loyalty Program from Printing Services
Exclusive promotions on our products every month
Customer Loyalty Program from Printing Services
Voucher applies to items on sale as well
Customer Loyalty Program from Printing Services
Use the voucher at any moment within a month

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a voucher?

A voucher is a discount voucher awarded to you on the first day of every month. To receive it, you only need to have spent 1 AED or more during the previous month.

How are vouchers generated?

On each month's last day, the system calculates your final monthly spendings and generates a voucher. It calculates the total spendings on the printing orders that have already been completed within the last month. You can check your order status and make sure that it is completed in “My Account” section when you log in to From each order, the system only calculates the grand total excluding VAT which you can check on each order’s page. Let’s calculate the monthly spend for March with which we’ll generate a voucher to use in April. Only the sum of grand totals excluding VAT spent on printing jobs that have been completed no later than the end of March will count. Check the completed orders in the “My orders” section of “My Account”. So, if you have paid for the order in March, but it has been completed in April, the order will be considered as an April order and calculated for the voucher generated on May 1. We will only count the highest threshold you reach. It implies that the thresholds you had reached within the month before the highest one no longer count.

Can total spendings of different accounts be combined to obtain a voucher?

No, the spendings of different accounts cannot be combined, even if the accounts belong to the same person or company. You can start using only one account if you want spendings combined.

Where can I check how much I have spent during the month for receiving a voucher?

Go to “My Voucher” in “My Account.” Here you can check the sum of the grand total excluding VAT for your monthly spendings on completed orders. Your voucher is generated based on this total. If you have orders that are not completed yet, they will be added to the spendings of the month of completion.

How can I check whether the order is completed? will send you an email when each order is completed. Also, you can check it in the “My Orders” section of “My Account.”

Does the voucher have an expiration date? If so, when is it?

Each voucher is valid for one month and expires at the end of the month in which it is generated. For example, a voucher awarded on April 1 will expire on April 30.

Where can I see the discount that my voucher gives and is there a summary of my transactions?

Check all the transactions connected to your voucher and check the amount received that month in the “My Voucher” section of “My Account”.

Can I decide not to use the voucher?

The voucher only works when you copy its 14 digits into the order form. When placing an order, you can decide not to use your voucher at all, and save it for a future order. Anyway, make sure you use it in the month it was generated, before it expires.

Can I use the voucher in conjunction with a promotion?

Yes, you can use a voucher on an order that contains items on special offer.

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