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Framed Photo Canvas

About Framed Photo Canvas Printing

Turn your digital photos into beautiful framed canvas prints to decorate your space with warm memories.

Order Framed Photo Canvas at starting from only 60 AED, and make a stunning wall art of your own.

Advantages of Framed Photo Canvas

    ✔  Canvas-like material

    ✔  In-built front frame

    ✔  Lightweight

    ✔  Vivid colors

Affordable Framed Photo Canvas Printing at

    For many years, people only considered printing their personal photos on paper. And, they framed them with beautifully expensive frames to hang on their walls. All types and sizes of frames were available in specialized framing shops, of course, carrying those hefty price tags. Meanwhile, everyone thought of framed canvas as a much more expensive choice of a photo print. Yet, thanks to the recent technological advancements in canvas printing, now it is so much easier and cheaper to print any photograph of yours on a framed canvas. With extremely high-quality color reproduction indeed! Thus, framed photo canvas printing at super affordable prices is your ultimate choice for decorating your space like a pro!

    With our Framed Photo Canvas at, you can create a beautiful home décor starting from only AED 60. Framed Photo Canvas is the latest edition of our Classic Photo Canvas product. But it is different in that the frame is from the front side this time. It is made of the same premium, canvas-look, lightweight foam material - Kapatex to produce the highest photo printing quality ever in the market.

    We offer various canvas sizes for your Framed Photo Canvas to suit your décor space. You can choose any of the available sizes ranging from 20x20 cm to our largest size of 220x100 cm. Additionally, you can select either portrait (vertical) or landscape (horizontal) orientation for your Framed Photo Canvas. The front frame width of your framed canvas prints is offered to be 3 cm. And, the color of the front frame is available in white. The latter is the original color of Kapatex - the premium-quality material we use for your Framed Photo Canvas printing.

    Customizable Framed Photo Canvas for Your Personal Needs

    Simply, select all the specifications you would want us to follow for your Framed Photo Canvas printing on our Order Form at Any “additional comments or requests” are also welcomed.

    At, we make sure that every product of ours is customizable for your own wants and needs. So, make your Framed Photo Canvas printing order at today, and enjoy the personal wall art of your dreams for years to come!


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Order, Delivery and Payment
Order needs to be placed before 5.00pm GST to start processing the order on the same day.
Deliveries may take between 2-7 working days depending on geographical location and quantity of products.
Free pick up option is available at two locations in Dubai: Warehouse E69 in DPC and Lounge in d3.
Cash On Delivery (C.O.D.) only in UAE. Limit is AED 2,500.
Tips for preparation of your files

Upload your ready to print designs, sit back and relax until we put your designs into our cutting files and send it back for your approval.

Once approved we start the production , all file verifications are done free of charge.

Minimum Quantity mentioned in each product page will be per design.

The optimal minimum resolution required for the print file is 100 dpi for large format and 300 dpi for small format.

Please send us design files with size ratio 1:1.

Maximum file size that can be uploaded is 300MB.


Framed Photo Canvas for Your Stunning Home Décor

    Thinking about printing out your digital photos and framing them for making a beautiful wall art for your home décor? Don’t go any further and choose the most cost-effective solution out there! Decorate your home with photo canvas prints - Framed Photo Canvas available at

    At, we offer the best quality and affordable canvas printing services in Dubai. And, our latest product - Framed Photo Canvas is your ultimate choice for making a stunning wall art without breaking the bank. You can make your purchase of our Framed Photo Canvas starting from only AED 60.

    Framed Photo Canvas is a ready-to-hang product with inbuilt, back-side hanging holes. The canvas material we use for Framed Photo Canvas printing is a premium-quality, canvas-look, lightweight foam material called Kapatex. A range of sizes and styles are available for printing the Framed Photo Canvas that will best suit your design needs and wants.  

    Thus, hurry to order your own high-quality, work-of-art Framed Photo Canvas now, at!

    The Process of Ordering Framed Photo Canvas at

      To place an order of Framed Photo Canvas printing at, you should first head to our Order Form. Here, simply fill in all the required specification fields for your Framed Photo Canvas printing. Any “additional comments or requests” are also welcomed.

      Next, you should upload your ready-to-print files in either of the following formats: PSD, AI, INDD, PDF, TIFF, TIF, PNG, JPG, SLDPRT, STL, OBJ, ZIP, RAR, MP4, MOV, and AVI. The maximum file size for upload is 300MB and the optimal minimum resolution required for the print files is 100 dpi. Also, please, send us design files with size ratio 1:1.

      Then, once you review all the information and files you have provided us and “proceed to checkout”, we will start printing your Framed Photo Canvas right away. At, the quick delivery time of your canvas prints is guaranteed! Moreover, thanks to our cutting-edge printing solutions, we will print your Framed Photo Canvas with the exceptional quality you can never get anywhere else.

      Hurry to print your most cherished memories on our latest, high-quality product - Framed Photo Canvas! Upload your photos to print them in color or black & white now, and be amazed by the beautiful wall art you can create with framed canvas prints.

      Should you have any other questions or comments about our Framed Photo Canvas product, please feel free to reach out to our customer support team. In case of any matter that requires an immediate response, you can call us at +97144514554. Also, send us a quick email to get a custom quote on your Framed Photo Canvas printing order. We are excited to hear from you soon!


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