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Tent Cards Online Printing Services

About Tent Cards

    Tent Cards are folded triangular displays with printings on both sides. They are a perfect choice for the advertisement of your products, services, events, and special offers.

    Print Tent Cards at at 67.66 AED D for 25 cards.

    Advantages of Tent Cards

      Cost Effective

      Quick Turnaround

      Landscape / Portrait Layouts

      Ideal For Promotions

Make Use of Tent Cards’ Simplicity

Tent Cards are one of the most versatile promotional tools. They got their name for an outside resemblance to a tent. Their shape offers a lot of flexibility -  you can place them on any flat surface, and quickly change its place when needed.

The information printed on tent cards is easy to read, and customers can take in the message at a glance. The simplicity and accessibility of tent cards make them a perfect advertising tool. If you are on a budget, but still want your message to be seen and noticed, tent cards are a great option. They can help you make the right impression.

Restaurants, hotels, and beauty salons often use tent cards to present additions to the menus, special offer, sales, and other promotional material. For them, tent cards essentially act as mini news and announcement boards. It is a cost-effective alternative to many other more costly solutions. To add something new to your selection and make sure that your customers know about the offer, you do not need to change the entire menu or service list. Just place a tent card on a table - customers always check them.

Even though mainly business uses tent cards, they have other applications.  Printable tent cards are also used for other purposes. You can print a beautiful calendar or a photo of your loved ones. You can also use wedding tent cards to guide your guests to their places, or business tent cards to present the names of the speakers during events.

Customize Your Tent Cards

At you can create a tent card that perfectly suits your needs. To do that set the following criteria:

First, select one of two materials available - a trucard or a food board.

Then, choose one of the dimensions - it is going to be either A6, A5, or 14 cm x 18 cm. After that give it either a portrait or landscape orientation.

Finally, when filling in the form you can also choose whether you want to laminate it with gloss or matte, or have no lamination at all. It is a matter of preference, but it is generally considered that matte lamination works better with images that have less vibrant colors. Gloss, on the other hand, brings out the colors and will work better with bright images.

After setting those criteria, you can upload the image, or order a design at We have in-house designers that can help you find the best solution.

Order Form

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Order, Delivery and Payment
Order needs to be placed before 5.00pm GST to start processing the order on the same day.
Deliveries may take between 2-7 working days depending on geographical location and quantity of products.
Free pick up option is available at two locations in Dubai: Warehouse E69 in DPC and Lounge in d3.
Cash On Delivery (C.O.D.) only in UAE. Limit is AED 2,500.
Tips for preparation of your files

Upload your ready to print designs, sit back and relax until we put your designs into our cutting files and send it back for your approval.

Once approved we start the production , all file verifications are done free of charge.

Minimum Quantity mentioned in each product page will be per design.

The optimal minimum resolution required for the print file is 100 dpi for large format and 300 dpi for small format.

Please send us design files with size ratio 1:1.

Maximum file size that can be uploaded is 300MB.

For all the orders less than 1sqm, the price of the product will be rounded up to 1sqm.


Tent Cards - an Eye-Catching Promotion

Tent cards are triangularly shaped ads that you have definitely seen in your favorite cafe or salon before. You might not have known what they are called, but now you will remember. Tent cards are a valuable promotional tool used by businesses.

The beauty of printable tent cards is that they can be used for anything. As long as you have a flat surface to place it on, the tent card is going to be within reach. They will inform your customers about hot deals and help promote new services.

They are visible and well-trusted. At you can create and customize tent cards that will suit your needs. All you need to do is follow these simple steps:

  • Select all the features (size, orientation, material, lamination) of your tent cards.
  • Upload your visuals (pay attention, the image size cannot exceed 300 MB). If you do not have the design for your tent cards yet, contact our support team. has in-house designers that can help you.
  • Place an order and wait for the tent cards to be delivered!

Our quality control team checks every product to make sure that they have been executed without flaws. Tent Cards at are whatever you want them to be - you can print a large tent card, or a small tent card to place it on a table. Our team at is going to hear your preferences.

Why order Tent Cards at

  • A high speed of work
  • 100% guarantee of satisfaction
  • Vibrant and durable prints
  • Cost-effective services

If you have questions about our tent card printing services for your business or personal needs, contact our support team. Call us at +97144514554 or send us an email to get a custom price quote. Make sure that your message was heard with printed tent cards. Visit Lounge at d3 to get your prints right away.


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