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Bag Tags

About Bag Tags

Never lose your luggage with our Bag Tags. Those luggage identifiers will take the worry out of bag identification and help you quickly recognize your baggage during trips, games, and other events.

Order personalized Bag Tags starting at 25.2 AED.

Why Choose Bag Tags

✔  Light-weight

✔  Comes with a free Clear Plastic Loop

✔  Custom designs

✔  Reusable

Quickly find your baggage with our Bag Tags

Trips can be nerve-wracking. Being stuck in an airport or train station, filled by people rushing to their destination most of the time isn’t fun. In that chaos, it is easy to lose track of your luggage without some kind of luggage identifiers. That’s where a bag tag, custom made to fit your taste and needs, will help you out.

Personalized bag tags can help you quickly find your baggage and easily keep track of them. At you can find the best luggage tags that you can customize with your images. With a bag tag not only you can keep track of your many things, but you can also showcase your personality. Use our printing services to create funny luggage tags and add a special touch to your bags.

With our luggage identifiers, you can freely navigate your way through busy areas, without worrying about losing your bags. A simple bag tag will take the stress out of luggage carrying and let you focus on more important things. A Personalized bag tag on luggage is a twice timeless headache, and four times more free time.

Special Features of Our Bag Tags

Bag tags you order on our website will be made from FRP (also known as fiber-reinforced plastic). It is a long-lasting material that will allow you to use your luggage identifiers for many years.

Our bag tags have a rectangular with rounded corners shape. They are 7 x 10 cm sizewise and 0.229 cm thick. Using our platform, you can customize both sides of your personalized bag tags.

The image you upload to create professional, corporate and funny luggage tags will have a gloss finish and can be either landscape or portrait oriented. All of our bag tags come with free Clear Plastic Loop to make attaching them to your luggage easier.

To Order Bag Tags, All You Need is to Take These Simple Small Steps:

  • log in to your account (at the top of the page);
  • customize the printed item following the instructions;
  • add additional comments if you have any;
  • confirm your order.

You will have two delivery options. We can deliver your personalized Bag Tags to your door, or you can pick up your luggage identifiers from one of our locations in Dubai for free on your own.

Making sure that you are satisfied with your order is our job, so if you have any questions feel free to contact us at any time.

Order Form

Order form
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  • Portrait
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Order, Delivery and Payment
Order needs to be placed before 5.00pm GST to start processing the order on the same day.
Deliveries may take between 2-7 working days depending on geographical location and quantity of products.
Free pick up option is available at two locations in Dubai: Warehouse E69 in DPC and Lounge in d3.
Cash On Delivery (C.O.D.) only in UAE. Limit is AED 2,500.
Tips for preparation of your files

Upload your ready to print designs, sit back and relax until we put your designs into our cutting files and send it back for your approval.

Once approved we start the production , all file verifications are done free of charge.

Minimum Quantity mentioned in each product page will be per design.

The optimal minimum resolution required for the print file is 100 dpi for large format and 300 dpi for small format.

Please send us design files with size ratio 1:1.

Maximum file size that can be uploaded is 300MB.


Make Identifying Your Luggage Easy with Personalized Bag Tags

Losing your baggage without a bag tag is easy. If you are a traveler, sports player, or just need to carry around bags frequently, you know how frustrating it can get. When you are busy with your job, documents, and small kids, lost luggage is the last thing you want to care about. But it shouldn’t be that way — it’s a pain you a personalized bag tags can help you avoid.

Not only luggage identifiers make it easier for you to find your bags – they can be lifesavers if you end up losing your baggage. A bag tag is a necessity for all the people who care about their safety. Write important information on the best luggage tags you can find - like your name, address, phone number — and use the personalized bag tags to help others find you.

Why Should You Choose to Print at

  • ✔   Brilliant printing quality - printing is our expertise, and it is vital for us always to make sure that all the prints we produce are of top quality.
  • ✔   100% guarantee of satisfaction - our customers are our highest value, and we do our best to make sure they are happy.
  • ✔   Quality control - we have a special team in place to ensure that the prints are perfect.
  • ✔   Cost-effective solutions - we match the quality of our prints to the price because we want you to feel like you have made a good investment.

If you need Bag Tags, then all you need to do is fill in the application form. Have questions about our printings or want to learn more about us? Then do not hesitate and contact our support team. Call us at +97144514554 or send us an email at At we are always happy to hear from you.


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