Classic 2 Shelf D-Board Stand

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Classic 2 Shelf D-Board Stand is a convenient point-of-sale display that will help you attract new customers and increase brand awareness.

Win over customers with an eco-friendly, light, and sturdy display you can assemble in no time.

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Product description

Increase Visibility of Your Products with Classic 2 Shelf D-Board Stand

Make it easy for your customers to notice your brand by ordering a customized classic 2 shelf D-Board stand. It will help you promote your brand, build a stronger presence, and increase sales by increasing the exposure of your brand.

It is impossible to visit a shop and not come across at least one POS display. They became an integral part of any shopping experience, mostly used in malls, chain stores, grocery shops, and supermarkets for promotional purposes. And their popularity only proves their effectiveness. They help any product gain recognition and increase the trustworthiness of a company.

The classical look of custom printed classic 2 shelf D-Board stand, their durability, and practicality are the reasons many companies continuously choose them. Despite looking elegant, however, they are strong and durable. They can easily hold high quantities of heavy products including different technologies, shampoos, skincare products, and other daily necessaries.  

The durable and eco-friendly material from which those POS displays are made of makes them an environmentally friendly and cost-effective solution. Promote your brand without having to invest millions by ordering a high-quality classic 2 shelf D-Board stand.

Special Features of Our Classic 2 Shelf D-Board Stand

Classic 2 shelf D-Board stand will be made from a 16 mm thick D-Board. D-boards are fully recyclable, cost-effective, humidity resistant, and rigid material that will help protect even the most fragile products from being damaged.

The stand comes with a free template that you can use to apply your design. The image you upload will be directly printed on the surface of the D-board with high-quality UV printers. Your POS display will be 46 cm in width and 101 cm in height. It will only weight 4 kg, which makes it light-weight and easy to transport.

Classic 2 shelf D-Board stands are easy-to-assemble. They use an intuitive interlocking assembly method. If you want your stand to be even more stable, you can glue the parts together.

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