Build Your 3D Hero
Turn yourself into a character with miniME. With these 3D figurines, you can become a member of your favorite football team, transform into a cartoon character, and join a favorite band in a matter of minutes. It is a quirky accessory that can be used for both personal and promotional purposes. miniME is fun, long-lasting, light, and creative. You can use a 3D avatar of yourself to take a family portrait, capture a memory, give a creative gift or celebrate an important achievement. If you are looking for a cool way to immortalize an experience and spice up your environment more, then miniME is for you. It is just as cute, fun, and charming as you are… Only smaller!
Following sizes of miniME are available:
Small miniME
6-8 cm
208.95 AED
Large miniME
9-12 cm
366.45 AED
Come to our lounge at d3
Take a 3D photo
Customize your miniME, choose the body & hairstyle
Pick up your miniME or wait for it to be delivered
How can I get my own miniME?
To create your miniME you need to visit our Lounge at Dubai Design District (d3). After we take a 3D photo of your face you can customize the model. Then all you need to do is either pick up the 3D figurine from one of our two locations or choose for it to be delivered to any location in the UAE for an additional 50 AED. Production time is 2-3 working days.
What material my miniME is going to be made from?
Your miniME will be made from Gypsum. It is biodegradable sandstone material.
Can I create a 3D figurine using my pictures and images?
No, you have to come to our lounge and have your face 3D scanned to create your miniME.
What machine does use to create miniME?
We use BobbleShop 3D photo booth. It is an innovative machine that takes a detailed scan of your face which we use to sculpt your 3D figurine.
Does the scanning have any health risks?
No, it does not. The machine does not use x-rays. It simply scans your head and takes a 3D picture of your face using Microsoft certified lenses. Thus, it will not have any negative effects on your health.
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